Web design and programming certification made easy with our interactive video training system!

StudioWeb is used by K12 private and public schools, community colleges and career centers as an interactive training and certification system.

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1. Learn by watching video tutorials.

2. Take code challenges and multiple choice quizzes.

3. Become StudioWeb Certified.

"Individual programming languages are not important; all that matters is that you know how to write good code."

- Stefan Mischook

StudioWeb makes it easy for you to learn!

StudioWeb is an interactive video training and certification system. We focus on teaching the key basic concepts and techniques of web design and web programming. You will walk away with practical web design skills.

  • For You:

    • Full access to our interactive training courses - 6 courses worth over $240.
    • Access to the Web Foundations certification exam. This is the same certification used by schools!
    • Learn at your pace - no subscription time limits, no class schedules, no hassles!
    • Get certified (signed and numbered certificates awarded) and build valuable web design and programming skills - all for only $119 or three easy payments of $39.99. Got questions? Contact us today.
  • Web Foundations Certification:

    • Students start by taking the 6 foundation courses. Passing each course (with 60% or more) unlocks the Web Foundations Certification exam.
    • Web Foundations Certification exam: 3 attempts allowed. Each attempt has a time limit.
    • With a passing grade (60%), become certified. That includes a signed and numbered certificate and a record of certification in our database - publicly verifiable.