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Beginners CSS

CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, is the sister technology to HTML that allows you to easily style the HTML elements within your web site. Having a basic understanding of CSS is fundamental for any web designer or programmer!

  • Difficulty: Beginner - Age 8 and up
  • Class Time: 8 hours
  • Maximum Points for this Course: 7130pts
  • Total Running Time: 5h30m (32 videos)
  • Questions: 71 multiple choice, 28 code challenges, and 1 chapter review

Sample Videos:

Course Outline:

  • Chapter 1: Intro to CSS
    • What is CSS?
    • CSS Syntax
    • Text Editors
    • Ways to Use CSS: Part 1
    • Ways to Use CSS: Part 2
  • Chapter 2: CSS Styling
    • Styling Color
    • Styling Text
    • Styling Fonts
    • Styling Font Size
    • Grouping Selectors
    • Background Colors
    • Background Image
    • Background Position
    • Background Shorthand
  • Chapter 3: Classes and IDs
    • Classes
    • IDs
  • Chapter 4: Margins and Padding
    • Box Model
    • Margins
    • Padding and Size
    • Borders
    • Outline
  • Chapter 5: Styling Links and Lists
    • Styling Links
    • Common Link Styles
    • Styling Lists
    • Navigation Bars
  • Chapter 6: Display and Position
    • Dimensions
    • Display
    • Fixed Position
    • Relative Position
    • Absolute Position
    • Floats
    • Pseudo Classes


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