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Beginners Wordpress

Learn about the very basics of installing, configuring and using Wordpress for your standard website.
You quickly understand how to install and use Wordpress to do all the common Wordpress tasks: Installing Wordpress, Adding Wordpress users, Installing a Wordpress theme, how to configure and customize a Wordpress theme

  • Difficulty: Beginner - Age 12 and up
  • Class Time: 6 hours
  • Total Running Time: 2h46m (18 videos)

Sample Videos:

Course Outline:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Uploading WordPress to Your Web Server
    • Installing WordPress
  • Chapter 2: Using Wordpress
    • Using the WordPress dashboard
    • Managing content in the WordPress dashboard
    • Types of users
    • The WordPress settings panel
    • Reading and writing settings
    • Permalinks and RSS feeds
  • Chapter 3: Posts, Pages, and Comments
    • Creating and managing posts
    • Setting up post categories
    • Creating and Managing Pages
    • Managing Widgets and Menus
    • Managing Comments
    • Managing Plugins
    • Customizing the Wordpress Theme
  • Chapter 4: WAMP and WordPress
    • Downloading and installing WAMP
    • Setting up WAMP


Foundation courses teach students the fundamentals of web development in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript

Project courses teach students practical real-world development with small scale web projects.

Exam courses comprise of multiple choice questions only and cover material from other courses


Are source files included?
Yes, all courses come with downloadable source files.

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