HTML5 CSS3 and jQueryproject

HTML5 CSS3 and jQuery

HTML5 and CSS3 will eventually become the new standard of web design and development. It has tons of rich features which allows you to make beautiful looking web pages.
JQuery is a Javascript library (canned javascripts) that make it really easy to create all kinds of cool web widgets.
This course will teach you how to apply these new techniques in the most practical way possible. Learn how to take an existing HTML document and convert it to a modern looking website using HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery!

  • Difficulty: Intermediate - Age 12 and up
  • Class Time: 6 hours
  • Maximum Points for this Course: 2620pts
  • Total Running Time: 4h09m (28 videos)
  • Questions: 2 multiple choice, 20 code challenges, and 2 chatper reviews

Sample Videos:

Course Outline:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to HTML5
    • Introduction
    • XHTML vs HTML5
    • HTML5 Skeleton
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to CSS3
    • CSS Layout Review
    • Crossbrowser Compatibility
    • Rounded Corners
    • Box Shadow
    • Text Shadow
    • 2D Transform
    • 2D Transitions: Part 1
    • 2D Transitions: Part 2
    • @Font-Face
    • @Font-Face: Part 2
    • Navigation Transitions
  • Chapter 3: Using jQuery
    • Intro to jQuery
    • Adding HTML
    • Adding jQuery
    • Tab Variations
    • Image Overlays: Part 1
    • Image Overlays: Part 2
    • Overlay CSS: Part 1
    • Overlay CSS: Part 2
    • Overlay CSS: Part 3
  • Chapter 4: 1-Page Slider
    • 1-Page Slider
    • Project Concept
    • Basic HTML
    • Add Basic jQuery
    • CSS Explained


Foundation courses teach students the fundamentals of web development in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript

Project courses teach students practical real-world development with small scale web projects.

Exam courses comprise of multiple choice questions only and cover material from other courses


Are source files included?
Yes, all courses come with downloadable source files.

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